Garment Care - Scandal Italy


Garment care info

Due to our pieces being hand-dyed and hand manufactured, we recommend gently hand washing your Scandal pieces and hanging to dry, especially for the first wash! You will get the best results and longest lasting wear for your pieces if you do so.

For the best look and feel, make sure to steam your Scandal pieces - it makes a world of difference, especially for the silks!

Be careful with the darker colored pieces, such as navy and black as the dye may bleed before the first wash. Do not hang darker color pieces next to white pieces and make sure you wash them before use. This is very rare, but it happens.

Linen wrinkles - it's a natural fabric! For the best look and feel, steam your linen pieces or use an iron on a low heat setting.

For any further questions regarding caring for your Scandal pieces, reach out to our customer care team!